Is OKC a bad idea to go about seeking a relationship? Even the paid dating sites?

I am having no luck in dating what so ever. I don’t generally date in person because I don’t go out often/have many friends/don’t get approached often in person. I’ve tried match. com twice and the two guys I met on there were not my type or either turned me off. And I’ve been on a few free sites like POF and OKC, but I can’t seem to find a boyfriend. I get a decent amount of messages but I’m either not interested or the guy ends up saying something to piss me off/ghosts me. I’m told I’m attractive but I can’t seem to find a boyfriend to save my life. Is online just a bad idea? I’ve seen it work for others 😞
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  • I've voted yes to online.

    I'll have to amend that: I've picked up most of my girlfriends from the streets (sounds like I'm a gangster 😁) and the rest online.

    It's easier "offline" for me as what you get is what you see and I usually I'm not that picky on the streets. Well, mainly location-based picky: in a 4-star hotel I'd look for flawless 10's, while on the street, maybe around 7's with a beautiful face?

    The bad thing is all girls look great online. And I've been dating online girls to see they look far different from their pictures. That's what made me very very picky online. If I ever see her in a photo close to an obiect I can estimate it's height (like a door), I can easily tell her height. If I only see pictures of her from one side, she probably has a skew nose. If she only takes pictures of her looking straight to the camera, she has a big nose. If she shows cleavage with no sign of boob shape nor side boob, she has a push-up bra. If she poses with a leg in front of another, she wants to appear taller. If she has a big smile but also wide open eyes, the smile is fake. If she has no action pictures (running, jumping, dancing), one might expect she sucks her belly in. And I didn't even started on make-up!

    From my (relationship-seeking) experience, if you want to have a good relationship, you shouldn't look at dating apps - those are 90% for hook-ups. Or go for it and take the 10% chance, who knows? Maybe you're lucky. You should better look for online flash-gaming websites and the smart game rooms within it, like rummy, dominoes, catan, even pool! And build from that.

    Or go for a hook-up (app) and hope there will be more to it.

    I've installed "meet up" but never used it. Same as for Tinder, lol. But "meet up" seems totally different from what I've learned about Tinder: you meet up (d'ooh!) with people having similar interest, going to the same places you'd go anyway.

    Even g@g would be a good "pickup place" but only for me, as I don't care if a girl states here on g@g "I fucked 4 guys at once". But I don't think girls are up to dating here after just opened up to their (some extreme) experiences. I really, really don't think one could easily start a relationship on g@g. I don't know why or how I got to install g@g, but for now, I think it's a great place to make smart friends because the moment you have a question in mind, you're already trying to evolve, not just beating time.

    • What about the paid sites like eharmony?

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    • Never tried paid sites except "twoo. com" and I can say that I see no difference whatsoever between the free and the paid version in terms of dates.

      I've heard about OKC and eharmony.

      I think online is always worse than offlline. I've applied for a second BSc and I've met TONS of girls.

      Try going places. Volunteering. Concerts. I don't see girls having success in meeting their dream guy online. Girls, please debate on this!

    • Or yes, go for "dating" (actually hook-up) apps/sites and hope for the best.

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  • You get out of it what you put into it. It often isn't enough to just like/swipe right on someone and hope for a response. If you like someone, and the site allows it, try sending a message to get their attention. Otherwise, you're at the mercy of an algorithm that may not feel compelled to let the other person see you until they play enough of the dumb swiping games or cough up the money to unlock the shortcut.

  • Dating sites are hit or miss

  • I've found several FWBs on OKCupid.


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