Does he still like me?

Met a guy online had 3 dates he was really attentive super sweet texting me all day. We had our 4th date a few days ago and hisbtexting has slowed way down. He still texts me in the morning and a few times throughout the day but just no way nearly as much. When I start texting him more than a few times he makes an excuse to cut the conversation short such as I'm going to study or I need to eat. He has said that he can't wait to see me again, he misses me, etc. by why did the attention change?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He's probably just busier, or is running out of new things to say and needs time to think of them, or thinks that making you wait will make you like him more. Either way, if he keeps saying he misses you and wants to see you, he means it, so don't pay any mind to the changing text speed.


What Girls Said 1

  • Around this time of year people typically just seem to get busier even tho it’s vacation. He probably doesn’t know what to say or could be nervous who knows. But I would give it a day or so see if he makes the effort


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