Is it wrong to go on dates with women just for the attention?

I'm 29, work a decent job in systems engineering, pretty fit guy. I'm at a point in my life where I can have almost any woman I want with one caveat - most of them want kids - and I'm not the relationship type.

Anyways I have 2 weeks off and I've been kind of bored (normally work 10+ hour days) so I started meeting up with random women just to do something with my life. But I kind of feel like I'm leading them on because I don't really have any intention of going on second dates and I don't even want to hook up with them to be honest.

Is this really that bad? My friend says I'm a jerk


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  • It's not bad as long as you tell the women about your intentions without them feeling like you led them on. Always be open with them.

    • I started doing that. In my online dating I said I was only looking for friends... which... meh haha. Basically I was trying to give them the idea that I'm not looking to hunker down

    • Lets put the truth on the table.
      A woman won't sleep with you on first date cause you said this and this...
      You could be a serial killer if you wanted to.
      Lile i said on my opinion up there, give them credit.
      Dont fall for their pangs of conscience.
      They are much smarter than what we might be thinking..

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  • Do what you want, my friend.
    A jerk or not, thats how life work.
    A woman won't be sleeping with you on a first date and without getting your opinions about anything... Just for nothing!
    Give them more credit.
    If you managed to sell them that great story about you, and they gave up their principles and ideology for you...
    Its mainly their problem. Not urs.

    If you told me that ure dating them more than 5 dates and kept repeating urself as someone who wants them for serious relationship.. And all of this just for the sake of penetration, id be telling you that ure not a jerk, ure a moron my friend.

    • Hmm okay, and yes I agree. That's why I have kept it to 1 date maximum and don't even bring up sex talk (which may actually be hurting me as they might be lumping me into relationship category based on the fact that I'm not pushing for sex)

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    • Yes it is. And a very appreciated one, by me.

    • thanks for the MHO.. Not taken for granted.

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  • You like what you like. Oh well


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  • I think you need to get a life. Many people would give away every last thing they have just to exist one more day. Don't be so wasteful.

    • Why do you consider this wasteful?

    • You said you started meeting up with random women just to do something with your life. So basically other than working 10hrs a day you don't do anything.

    • Well because my work is my life. I literally have the best job in the world - I get to build surgical robots. If being able to program electronic minds to work on human bodies isn't doing anything than I can only imagine what you call your life.

  • Ya u shouldn't waste peoples Time like that. Come on grow up.

  • Serial daring is not a crime


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