Rejected after first date. Is there now zero chance?

So there's this girl I took out on a date and everything seemed to go well, but she ended up rejecting me for another guy I know fairly well. It's odd because a few days ago we both admitted to how much we liked each other. She said the date was perfect but that she started to have feelings for another guy she just started talking to. She gave me the whole friendship speech saying how great and amazing I am and suggested being friends, but I declined for the time being.

Is there any hope here in the future? Could she have been conflicted? Is rejection after first date and being in the friendship zone unescapable? Should I let this go and move on?

Have you ever been in a situation where you rejected a guy after a first date and later came back?


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  • How much self respect do you have?

  • Put your Best impression.. good luck


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