Anxious about dating?

I don't get why I get so stressed about dating. I've always been very independent and just fine with doing my own thing. I also just go with the flow, but why can't I do that with girls?

The only thing I can thing of is that I'm pretty straight forward kind of guy and all the girls I seem to come into contact with just waste my time and play a bunch of games so in reality they pretty do everything that drives me nuts. Lol I'm just a simple straight forward guy and girls will over complicate opening a can of soda. Opinions? I guess this is why they stress me out.



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  • You'll never understand them, they'll always be unpredictable, don't waste your time trying to figure out why they do what they do. just don't let them play the games or treat you bad.

    • So move on when they start playing dames and all that?

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