What to do when he hasn’t replied to your text?

We had an amazing first date, he texted me a day after about how much he enjoyed himself and how he will be thinking about me over the holiday.
One week later:he sends a pic & a “thinking of you”
Two days after: I sent him a pic of me with my dog & a “hope you’re enjoying your evening”, we had a few texts of light flirting and called it a night
Two days after that: he told me he just saw Star Wars & asked if I had seen it yet.

I had been busy with work and didn’t see his message until half an hour after he sent it. I responded with “Yes, I saw it with a group of friends before I left campus. What did you think? sorry I haven’t been checking my phone regularly. Hope you’re enjoying your evening as well 🤗.” He hasn’t responded at all. I don’t think I did anything wrong, I apologized for the time delay. I thought I was clear that I was expecting a response with the question I asked. I don't know maybe he lost interest? I’m trying to play cool but I actually like this guy. Need your analysis. What do I do if he doesn’t respond?


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  • He’s doing the same thing to you. Guys try to absorb a girl in through the act of ignoring or responding late.

    How long has it been since you texted that to him?

    • That last text was today. And he hasn’t responded at all at this point (it’s been 2 hours). What do I do now?

    • Ooh two hours isn’t really that bad. I swear that’s what he’s doing. Don’t text him again, just wait when he replies.

      When it becomes a day or two, then maybe you can either forget about him or text a “Heyy”.

    • Thank you! I have no idea how to date so this is helpful.

  • Wait young grasshopper. It's the holidays so maybe he's busy too. If you were on his mind a few days ago, he'll come around. Enjoy the holidays and good things come to those that wait. Hopefully you get that new years kiss with him!


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