Need advice from a female. Im confused?

Okay so I've known this girl for a long time. We have always been friends. Last year we started having sex after I moved into a place with some room mates who she is friends with as well. After awhile she said it was awkward because we are friends. I think down the line she had met someone but didn't wanna tell me. So we'd argue off and on for the longest time would hangout and sometimes sex here and there. She was on the shot when we first started having sex, once she got off the shot we fooled around with oral sex. Just recently we got into a argument she had me blocked on FB and here the other day we started talking. Like she would message me a lot and she come over Fri and sat we had sex without any protection. She claims to only like me as a friend but I really like her and she knows it. But if she sees me as only a friend why would she still want to have sex? I use to be jelious over her a lot when we started having sex she even told me after we argued a lot she wanted to see where we would go when we took it to another level but I messed up by being jelious. I do like her a lot an the sex makes me like her more. It's not badic sex, it's sex as in four play, kissing her neck all that. I just wanted some info from a lady to even see if I can get some inside on why she wants to be my friend with no arguments but still wants to have sex every now and again. And we talk everyday she lives across the street from me.


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  • Friends have sex together? No, you are using her.


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