Dating the opposite sex who's almost exactly like you?

I met this girl who wow we have quite many things in common. Almost the same hobbies. Same dreams (not sleep dreams). Same personality types. Slightly the same taste in music. Etc anyways.

Would you date an opposite sex if they were almost like you in personality? Why or why not?


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  • Dating the opposite is (from my experience) an everyday-challenge and it's fckin boring. Everything is a matter of conflict and compromise for both. I prefer to date someone who is almost like me, because she will most likely be able to understand me and how I live

    • I heard things like there has to be few common interests to spark mystery so it won't get boring when you discover the person. Well me and her are both introverts so...

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    • I wouldn't say she's exactly like me but there are quite some different things between us and still to be discovered so.

    • Yeah you're right

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