Girls, how do you act if you like someone?


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  • I giggle so much! It’s pretty hard to hide. But it depends on how extroverted she is as shyer girls can be lots harder to read but if she’s around you lots chances are she does

    • She's a girl from my work. I mean i haven't dated for a long time so im trying to open doors now. When im in my station she's there like beside me but not too close tho. Haha!

    • She also finds me funny, well i like to make people laugh specially her. Is that a good thing?

    • That’s really good! Making a girl laugh makes her feel at ease and builds attraction ☺️ Don’t try and make her laugh at every opportunity as it’ll look like you’re trying way too hard

  • Okay... Two words, "eye contact "
    It's the key.

  • “You should take it as a compliment
    That I'm talking to everyone here but you” - Taylor Swift

    Literally me. I avoid talking to them lmao


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