Confused me with my twin?

I have a twin and we both have boyfriends. At the holiday party, her boyfriend approached me from behind and whispered in my ear to meet him upstairs. We were wearing the same outfits. I was going to tell him he had the wrong one, but he was already gone. I went upstairs and as soon as I got in the door his lips were on mine. I was trying to push him off me and as soon as I got him away, the door opened and my boyfriend was standing there. He obviously was upset with the scene in front of him, especially with my lipstick on the guys mouth. My boyfriend pushed my sister's boyfriend away and punches him square in the face, making his nose bleed. He has anger issues. I'm frustrated with the both of them. At my boyfriend for taking it too far and at her boyfriend for kissing me. In comes my sister, gasping and asking what's wrong and then she sees the lip product on his lips and looks at me in disbelief. I tell them it's a misunderstanding and that he must've confused me with her. My sister asks him if I'm telling the truth. He storms out. She chases him. Ultimately, we ruin the party. My boyfriend believes me, but he doesn't think he confused me with her. But how could he possibly be more attracted to me? We literally are duplicates, small differences. Different eye color and minor body differences. Hurts because I don't even think she believes me. But I see what he means. For the length of time they've been together, how could get me confused?
Confused me with my twin?
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