How I I take things a step further?

So I've been hanging out with this girl and we have a history together. Lately she's been acting flirty and throughout the day I've caught her starting at me and stuff. At night, we will sit next to each other on the couch and we will slowly get closer and closer. Then eventually we will be right up against each other and she'll typically put her legs over me or something. Then after about 5 minutes she'll get up quickly and say like "I have to sit somewhere else" in a rushed tone. How can I make her not leave and stay instead?


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  • Kiss her

    • You don't think it's too much? It's clear that she has feelings for me but she's fighting them or something. Like 1.5 years ago we were really close and ever since has been distant. andthis is now the first glimpse of her old self. So u think a kiss isn't over the line?

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  • She maybe wants to take her time to not make the same mistakes that maybe made you break up but the better thing to do is ask directly why is she not staying

    • Iam pretty sure she isn't staying because she doesn't like the fact that she has feelings for me in the first place and tried to suppress them

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