How tall do you want your partner to be?

This question is for both guys and girls
  • Must be taller
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  • Must be shorter
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  • Same height or taller
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  • Same height or shorter
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  • Same height or close to it
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  • Doesn’t matter. Taller or shorter both fine
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Most Helpful Girl

  • He has got to be 6'4 at minimum 😓

    Im 6'2 in standard heels, 6'4 in stilettos 😭

    Short guys are really handsome but my build is athletic so I will feel even more manly with his head barely past my boobs 😭😭

    • So it’s a deal breaker if you guys are the same height?

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    • What if you though he was 5’8 but he was actually 5’7 and he just wore heel lifts? Would you break up with him if you were already dating and you didn’t find out until later?

    • Lol these scenarios...

      Well I would def catch on before we dated how high his shoes were. I could tell he was shorter so no I would not date him.

      You have to understand, for some tall women it makes us feel less feminine if he is shorter, nothing personal. Likewise, most men prefer a shorter girl, so we have just as hard a time as short men

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What Girls Said 5

  • Must be taller

    • How tall are you? What about same height or 1-2 inches shorter? Is that a deal breaker?

    • I'm 5'2" so there will be no chance for a guy who's shorter than me.

  • Doesn't matter

  • At least taller than me.

    • How tall are you? Would it be a deal breaker if he was the same height or an inch shorter? Do you wear heels?

    • I’m 5’0 feet. I don’t wear heels and I’ve dated someone a little shorter.

  • Same height or taller

    • How tall are you? Do you wear heels?

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    • Yes because I look great in them. I just hope he doesn't mind me clutching on to him as I stubble occasionally

    • 👍👍👍

  • I'm tall so I can't date shorter. I'd feel uncomfortable wearing heels for a start, I like to feel feminine next to my man.

    • There are plenty of smaller girls though that would prefer shorter guys.

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    • It wouldn't bother me as it'd make little difference in our case. I'm just about taller than his shoulders lol

    • No I mean if you were dating a guy that you thought was 1 inch taller but he was actually 1 inch shorter, but you didn’t find out until you were already dating for several weeks, would you break up with him over that if you really liked him?

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