How hot does a guy have to be to enjoy the benefits of online dating?

I've been using tinder and bumble for about 4 years now, I have around 29 matches but only around 3 girls ever responded and they quickly. stop. or unmatch me after asking how tall I am.

My freind who has a lot of sucess online helps me update my profile, but other people seem to be choosing from a menu of options, but I'm feeling like any like I get is a small win, and i swipe right ON EVERY girl.

So people rant and rave how online is so easy, what am I missing?


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  • I'd say half of men will almost never have any success based on looks alone. 30% will have moderate success but the top 20% of men will be getting hundreds of matches more than you

    • What bracket are you in?

    • I've had sex with 14 girls online but half of them were pretty ugly. I would say I have moderate success, but overall it's really daunting to get laid.

  • Think of it like this, women have 100’s of matches. Unless you are a model, good luck


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