Going on my first date ever this Saturday, tips?

If you want background about me and the girl read here https://www.girlsaskguys.com/girls-behavior/q2821959-i-m-pretty-sure-she-likes-me-after-this-opinions

Just in general what are some things I should and shouldn't do, some things that I should know. We are going to see a movie and then I am thinking of taking her to Starbucks or something after. (I already know to pay for everything) And my friends have told me to put my arm around her during the movie or something, but beyond that I don't know?


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  • Just flow within time. If you feel like she's getting bored or something change the place.
    You shouldn't really do the "arm around her" thing until you feel she is very excited and would barely notice it. Don't pressure yourself and just have fun, after all girls tend to like natural guys more than nervous ones ;)

    PD: you might want to get her a little gift or something... I'm sure she'll LOVE IT.

    • Thanks! Yeah I was going to wait until like it was halfway through the movie to do that, how exactly would I gage her being very excited though lol?

      I hadn't thought about a gift but that's a great idea! What kind of gift?

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    • YA!! We are really happy together! I mean we still aren’t official but that will likely happen sooner than later

    • I just wanted to thank you once again for all your help, she is now my girlfriend!!

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  • Don't pull out!

  • I guess a movie and starbucks after is a fairly safe bet at your age , its not going to cost a lot of money and most women feel comfortable at star bucks.

    only question is are you seeing the movie during the day or later at night , that could affect the dynamics of the date

    • That was my thinking exactly. Others always say that a movie is a bad first date but I figured it was my best bet.

      We don't know yet, we had to wait till today to figure out showtimes. Why, how would it be different depending on the time?


    • well a mid day movie is to me less romantic than a late night movie , it also means its day light out before and after. where is it will be dark if you see the later on.

      but anyways the goal of the first date is for there to be a second date , its not about staying out with her for hours or falling massively for each other rate away , you just want there to be date # 2

    • Yeah okay, I see what you mean about the times.

      And I know that generally that's what a first date is, but we already have been talking for 2 months and I think it's pretty obvious to both of us we like each other quite a bit, so we already know each other kinda well.

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