"Men aren't educated enough"?

I've heard (basically this) a couple of times now in the last several months, where attractive, educated women feel the need to go as far as to "freeze their eggs" because there "aren't enough attractive, educated men."

I find this disgusting, because for one, what is it to be educated? Is that really what makes a great guy? I have a technical degree in skilled trades and even as a starting salary I have earned well above the national average (with plenty of room to grow, in a stable industry) of starting salaries for 4 year college graduates. Does this make me a failure? Uneducated or unintelligent? Insufficient as a dating/life partner? A father? Because I don't have a bachelors degree or Masters or PhD?

I'm a hard working guy and get up every morning and work 40+ hours just like everyone else, I live comfortably, just bought a new car last year, have good credit and pay my bills. But according to some women these days, I didn't graduate from some well known university or have a special piece of paper, I'm apparently not good enough? They'd rather "freeze their eggs" huh? Sickening.
If you don't find me attractive, that's one thing, but when I'm literally working hard and making good money and living comfortably and I can still have an intelligent conversation with people, you're going to find fault in that I didn't "graduate from college", lol man, in terms of student loans I'm debt free! I'm not going to go SPEND 50+ grand on more schooling and knowledge that I'll forget after I graduate, when I can just go MAKE it.


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  • Here’s my personal philosophy when people try to look down on me.

    Intelligence is subjective and is not that simple. You can achieve a law degree and be a successful lawyer but if you don’t know how to fix your computer from always being slow, does that mean you’re smart and stupid at the same time?

    The key is to take pride in who you are and be respectful to others who do the same. I’m studying psychology and I’m pretty decent at it but it doesn’t mean I’m better than someone who isn’t college. Bill gates didn’t even go to college so there for the conversation is invalid.

    Don’t let anyone dictate how to feel about yourself

    • I agree, we are all smart in our own ways. I don't think any degree can really dictate ones intelligence in these areas over others either.

      I just trust that when I'm sick, I have a qualified health professional looking after me. So that's not to say that degrees don't hold value. I just think that for the average person, you can get by and live comfortably so long as you have the skills to succeed.

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  • if thats true then here's a suggestion... fuck em. you dont want someone that shallow anyway so enjoy your life without kids and dont worry about it. world is overpopulated anyway and you dont have to conform

    • That's just it. I determine my own path.

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    • Like I just told the guy above, I read an article just a few mins ago and got heated. Its just insulting to men everywhere, how can anyone be good enough besides like the top 3%? Where's the appreciation for a guy that just wants to put in an honest day's work and make some money. I'm not gonna kill myself with excessive school bills and waste time in a classroom. I already have my reservations about our education system. It just doesn't mean a whole lot unless you want to be a doctor or something.

    • its not insulting to me because i dont give a fuck... plenty of women do still wanna have fun and their system identifies just how shallow they are so i wouldn't want them anyway. if you stop caring about the trivial and find something you can make a useful impression on then you will do better in yourself. your choice but dont try to tell me i should be outraged

  • This is extremely elitist and I don't necessarily agree. Unless the person is stupid I don't see it being a problem there are people like Bill Gates who never went to college.

    • Well I've heard that this is happening more and more according to these news media sources.

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    • You may have a point there. Also the media likes to sensationalize and over emphasize just about everything.

    • True the media does like to manipulate the truth. It's probably a very small amount of women.

  • They don't have a chance compared to the general population.

  • Is there a question in there?

    • Yes there is.

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    • Look man, I just saw another article on the web pushing this story and I got heated. Just airing my thoughts. Is there a problem?

    • Nah, it was just funny.

  • No need to feel threatened or angry about this. You will find the right woman for you.

    • I hope you're right. I already have a tough time with women.

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