"Men aren't educated enough"?

I've heard (basically this) a couple of times now in the last several months, where attractive, educated women feel the need to go as far as to "freeze their eggs" because there "aren't enough attractive, educated men."

I find this disgusting, because for one, what is it to be educated? Is that really what makes a great guy? I have a technical degree in skilled trades and even as a starting salary I have earned well above the national average (with plenty of room to grow, in a stable industry) of starting salaries for 4 year college graduates. Does this make me a failure? Uneducated or unintelligent? Insufficient as a dating/life partner? A father? Because I don't have a bachelors degree or Masters or PhD?

I'm a hard working guy and get up every morning and work 40+ hours just like everyone else, I live comfortably, just bought a new car last year, have good credit and pay my bills. But according to some women these days, I didn't graduate from some well known university or have a special piece of paper, I'm apparently not good enough? They'd rather "freeze their eggs" huh? Sickening.
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If you don't find me attractive, that's one thing, but when I'm literally working hard and making good money and living comfortably and I can still have an intelligent conversation with people, you're going to find fault in that I didn't "graduate from college", lol man, in terms of student loans I'm debt free! I'm not going to go SPEND 50+ grand on more schooling and knowledge that I'll forget after I graduate, when I can just go MAKE it.
"Men aren't educated enough"?
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