What to do if a guy I date not surw about his feelings toward me?

Going out with him for 2 months now, seeing every week. Always invites me and texts me every day, but after a talk of ,, where this is going" he said he likes many things in me, but not sure 100% to move in relationship.
How much time time i shoild wait or it is not worth it?


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  • Talk with him. Ask him why he's not 100% sure to move in a relationship with you after 2 months of dating. Then you decide whether you want to leave him or you want to give him some more time.

  • Never wait. You’ve already wasted too much time with this asshole. He’s stringing you along

  • Im sorry to tell you that you have to move on

    • why? Because it won't grow to love or what?

    • Cuz if he want u he will cross the oceans for u , depends on him if he want to develop his feelings towards you

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