Does this guy like me? please I really need advise?

One of my best friend's male best friend used to have a small crush on me about a year ago. But we didn't really know eachother. So it couldn't have been such a serious crush. But last week I watched a movie with my friend and him. We got on pretty well and we started snapping. For me it just as friends but I'm scared that I'm getting his hopes up if he liked me more than a friend. Do you think he's interested in me?


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  • Depends what kind of snapping. If it's just streaks, then I don't think you have anything to worry about but if it's snaps of what he's doing and what he's eating, then I would ask what his intents are. If they're friendly, then let things go how they are.

    Me personally, if I had a crush and was friend-zoned, I wouldn't pursue her again.

    How did the original crush end? Or didn't it ever really stop?

  • All guy friends want your nuts. It's just natural

    • I don't think so I have a few male friends and there aren't any problems

    • Honey I guarantee if you said "hey I'll blow you." They'd all agree to it. Men are gross, that I can say with confidence

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