People at my old job still talk about me?

I will try and start from the beginning. I was a hostess at a restaurant. I guess I got along with mostly everyone there for the most part. Although One guy in particularly would talk a lot of shit about me. I’m a very intuitive person and I always knew this. I would ask a close coworker of mine and she said yes. I had a feeling he hated me and he did. I never even did anything to him. I would usually just ignore him b/c i didn’t want to be around his fake ness. He would NEVER act he hated me. But I kind of already know. He would tell people he hated me. But to my face he would act nice by introducing me to customers or he would help me out when I needed it. Sometimes he would get jealous when i would talk to other men. Once a man asked me for a cigarette and I said no and he kept asking and my co worker tried to defend me. But it sounded so fake. But then some days he would act cold toward me and give me attitude. He never acted this way with anyone else though. And the funny thing is YEARS before i started working there he was my server and he acted VERY cold toward me but he doesn’t really do that with other customers. I have quit almost a year ago and he still talks shit about me sometimes. It’s like I’m his topic of conversation. Yet when i see him now he will wave me to me and smile. But his body language is like not masculine at all. I always actually feel this with almost anything in the world. I know that may sound weird to some of you, but it’s true. And for the other people they talk shit about me sometimes too, but not nearly as much.


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  • the hostess position can be tough as its a beginners position and often person has no restaurant experience , they just look cute and servers may worry the hostess might try and steal there job if there too good
    I've seen a few hostess's here move into server positions , so it can be tough as your the new person and there more experienced

    • Yeah sometimes I go back to visit and the ones I was close to want me to come back. Too many phony people

What Girls Said 1

  • Why do you care? Stop caring, seriously, this drains your energy.

    I used to be like you but I learned to care less. I feel way better now

    • Because I’m curious on why

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