Why did my friends say this? It hurt my feelings?

So I met this guy, (on tinder) and I know I know. But he's not looking to hookup, he is looking for a solid serious relationship. He hasn't been playing games, pays for my food, and is such a sweetie. I talk about him to my friends and they just kinda run him down without even meeting him. Like why? They're both single so maybe they are jealous? They even called him a douche (he's a country kid, so he's got a ballsack on he end of the truck; it's fucking hilarous if you ask me.) but like why... I'm so excited about this guy.. I don't know


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  • If you really like him stick with him. Dont let your "friends" ruin your love.


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  • What do they say about him? Sometimes, people do see things we don't see in a new potential partner, because they aren't lust blind, and then months later we see exactly what they were saying and regret not listening.
    If they have genuine concerns, find out why and weigh everything up. If they're just being bitchy and just saying stupid things, they're just idiots and not great friends and I bet will be the type who her girlfriends never hear from when she's in a relationship.


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