Do I have a wondering eye or does my boyfriend have a guilty conscience?

so I've been with this guy for 11 months. About 3 months in he started accusing me of having a wondering eye while out in public. He'd fight me about it everyday, I started to keep my head down while In public with him and started to notice he's checking out a lot of girls. Then the problem grew and he accused me of being too friendly with my moms guy friends whom are 20-30 years older than I. Telling me I stare at them and make googley eyes at them. So to make him happy everytime someone came over id disappear to my room and sit there. The problem is still rising. I've gone through his phone and found he's been messaging girls on Facebook telling them they are attractive and adding them. Along with instagram liking pics and following many girls. I was going through the pictures looking for one of us and there's 25 girls instagram profiles screenshoted and saved. How to I resolve this or is it the end?


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  • Drop him fast. He is a jealous type. He will try to control your life. Jealously is hate disguised as love, it is an ugly emotion.


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  • I personally believe that you should talk with him about it. You know conversation might get hard but you will ultimately understand if he is really jealous of you having a wondering eye in public or not.

    • We talk about it and all he has to say is I'm a hoe and can't keep my eyes to myself. I like attention I'm insecure and looking for approval from men. I ask him about his phone he says it means nothing

    • Ok first of all you shouldn't let him talk to you like that. Calling you a hoe is disrespectful and he has to show respect towards you. Now after all this I think that you should give him a chance to try and get over his jealousy. If not then try to change him somehow and live with the whole " wondering eye" thing as if it's something normal. Try to teach him not to take anything so personal!

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  • I have made it a point to run away from insecure people in relationships. Trust me save yourself the hastle and leave. No good will come out of the stress and drama you'd have to endure.

    P. s 9/10 times, people who are always questioning their partner's faithfulness aren't faithful. That's why they're paranoid... easy to assume in others what you see in yourself. Didn't even need to read to the end to know he probably flirting and/or cheating

  • I would end it. He seems to think you are not enough. His loss

  • Break up. Guys an asshole

  • Sounds like he's a hypocrite


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