Exactly what do I need to do?

Just so you know it I'm very bad at love, relationships and explain things and situations.

But I used to think as the idiot I am, the basic things like in dating is:

"Be yourself, don't pretend to be somebody else you not are"

And a lot of other things that we be filled with in our ears, things we must know before we start to dating someone.
Things we can do to impress the partner and things we need to know to avoid to seems like a normal person or *huh* a perfect person.

And well I have kinda easy to handle myself and can still love myself and I had understand that I get good attention from boys for it.

But by the fact that I'm a desperate single, it would not sounds weird that I want that attention all the time.
But one thing I just can't understand is that when you boys turn away from us girls for some ridicolus reason I don't know.
'Cause like in my case, what I know so had I didn't do something wrong, but the guy I like had just turned away from me and I don't know why and I'm little kinda too shy to ask him why.

So... oppinions people?
What do you think?
What is your advice for me?

Thanks to you who takes your time😘❤


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  • Well. Just start chatting with people. I sugvest apps like bottle where you can chat with a lot of people at a time. Plus you are 16 its normal to want a boyfriend but i suggest not to. I had a girlfriend when i was 16 it was the biggest mistake i made.


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  • You are suffering from Asperger Syndrom... which is just common thing in teenager.. have patience... talk to your family about it... you must date him if you like but not at the moment otherwise entire situation not gonna support you...

  • Well we really need more information. Its hard to say without knowing more about what led up to it

  • Why do you spend time with your friends?


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