Is she likely to say yes If I ask her out?

- known her as an acquaintance 2 years, got to know her well in past 2 months.
- She’s 5 years older than me and often mocks me for it saying things like “I had Walkmans in my day. Did you? No I didn’t think so.”
ー She’s definitely comfortable around me.
- She never texts me first but always replies sometimes with very long messages. Other times with brief, blunt replies.
- If I ask her for help she brings it up later
- She initiates conversation with me in person and sometimes chooses to stay with me over talking to others, even if they tap her and try to say come join us. (She can be an introvert and like her own company though)
- she seems to remember detail about what I was holding, did or said on particular days. (But she does have good memory & attention to detail)
- mutual friends watch and smile at us together. One of her close friends said “You just want to walk next to him don’t you?”
- She’s always smiling when I’m around.
- I once sent her a flirty message “are you coming to my social, would be great to see you there if you can make it. It won’t be the same without you.” She said yes and she was still comfortable talking to me (although did she try involving others more than usual? Not sure). She gave me a really big smile as we parted ways (she’s never smiled like that to me before.)
- she never touches me.
- She often asks me if I’m going to something (this could be just to make conversation though)
- Another guy who likes her keeps barging in & asking her things like “would you go if he hosts it?”
- When we were heading somewhere by train, she came to find me, said hello but I had my headphones in so she went away. She came back 15 minutes later and said “I think we need to be in the front carriages.” Then we found our friends and others said “you don’t need to be in the front” she said “oh sorry, I didn’t need to disturb you then.” After she said “it might have been Funny to leave you in the back” and mocked me in front of everyone.
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She also won’t always walk next to me especially if there’s others around. She does try to keep the conversation going when it’s just us despite her once saying she’s not good at conversation. Her reactions to what I say are always dramatic. They’re not really with other people.
Is she likely to say yes If I ask her out?
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