The girl I date needs time?

We have been out some times without something more intimate happening. However, I have admitted that I like her today. She told me that it takes time for her to build some sort of attraction for someone, even if today we were flirting, i hugged here etc. Last but not least, she comes from a very party girl background and she seems like trying to get everything back in right track and make right choices in her life.


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  • In my experience, a girl typically says she needs time (for any reason concerning a relationship) because of one of 4 situations:
    1, she is unsure of whether or not she is ready or wants to pursue a relationship. ("I need some time to think")
    2, she is unwilling to give up her lifestyle and time to have a consistent relationship. ("I need time to discover myself")
    3, she is holding on to something (concept, person, the past, and/or emotions) that deters her from pursuing a relationship. ("i need time to get over some things/heal")
    4, she is content with where she is as far as relationships, and is indifferent about dating or not dating (any version of "i need time because ____")

    The only thing you can do is give her that time.

    • Being hurt and careful seems like an option?

    • Absolutely. Being hurt and careful is always an option.

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