Why guys reject girls crudely? Why some are rude towards girls who just like them?

I was interested in a guy at my workplace. I used to pass glances at him and he used to look back at me. However one day I found him very quiet. I asked him two times and he did not tell. When I asked him the third time that was he ok, he bursted out in anger and told me that I had no business to ask him. He even told me to stop looking at him and also that he was not interested in what I was interested. I felt very hurt. After that I never even looked at him. Even if he tried to talk to me, I talked minimal. It has been a year now. But I just can't forget it. I am still too hurt.


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  • May be he was in bad mood n didn't like u as u forced he got busted. The result for it is due to hurt by girls previously they will become like tht if true luv goes n gets cheated they stop believing girls n rejects cruelly

    • I was also someone's girlfriend once. But I never treated him as a shit. He married someone else and left me himself. Later in his life, after years, he realised my love. Not every girl is the same. Some are good persons too.

    • Yes I agree u but I said only his view

    • Not about every girl n every situation

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  • Sorry to hear that but I actually think that most guys reject girls they don't like in a polite way, actually a girl I knew did something like that to me, so I guess it happens to both men and women.

  • Girls often reject guys very crudely too. And you wrote "guys" so it's not probably the only incident so you just happen to meet the assholes.

    • https://youtu. be/DmP1ier3R30

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    • Maybe a conservative.

    • Nothing really justifies him being so rude towards you.

  • That guy had or has some issues. You will just have to give him a little more than minimal if you actually want to salvage anything. Honestly though you probably should keep things professional.


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