Should you date a guy that has done drugs?

this guy i know told me he did coke and meth, he said they were very addicting. i couldn't believe it because he doesn't look like it. he also does ecstasy at raves. i think he has done acid and shrooms as well. he also smokes marijuana which isn't a big deal but just pointing out. he drinks also. i dont know what else he has done but those are the drugs he has told me. i mean ecstasy is a dangerous and dirty drug. i would never touch it. should you date a guy who does that. i did love him, but i think i was blind and justifying the drugs. if it was another guy, it would of been a deal breaker but maybe because i was in love, i justified his addiction. any opinions of dating a drug addict. ohh and he did adderall too.
Should you date a guy that has done drugs?
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