Do you guys have any reasons why you can't be bothered dating anymore?

. Divorce is initiated by women most of the time , men are more likely to commit to Jill themselves. girls want a nice guy and love? 😂😂 as soon as you do this they lose al interest. Also try and be a redhead male and see how women treat you.

I had one friend who slept with a widow a week after her husband said passing.

I'm willing to love and look after a women but they als have to bring something to the table instead of just looks and selfishness

I even had my own mother remarry after 4 months after my dads death and basically told me and my siblings to get stuffed.

Where my dad was a working man always did right by others , he came from a housing commission background and worked he's way up in the corporate world to be on a 200k a year and my mum grew up in a feminist type of house hold and was given a lot more.

It stuff like this why i don't trust women. Not too mention I had my sister cheat on her boyfriend of 4 years because she couldn't get her holiday from him earlier. ( I really hate her ).

When I've gone out with a good female friend she was assaulted by another girl , I intervene and stoped which lead the girl smashing her glass over my head which in turn I knocked her out , yet I got the blame.

when I was sitting down with my friends and minding my own business I had a girl come up to me and said eewwww you redheads are ducking disgusting you should be excited. (Imagine if that was said to someone of colour)
These are just some of my reason why I can't be bothered dated anymore?

Anyone else in the same boat?

And just cbf anymore?
Do you guys have any reasons why you can't be bothered dating anymore?
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