Should you quit trying to date if you haven’t gotten a girlfriend by 27?

Like seriously I’m getting close to my thirties and no girl has even shown a little interest in me it sucks and I’m just thinking now that I might be time to just throw in the towel, accept that whatever characteristics I have whether it be physical or personality it’s just not good enough to date


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  • why quit, then you set ysf for failure for the rest of your life
    just dont have too hiugh expectations so you dont get hurt, but you have a lot of life before you and you can still meet some girl for you
    just dont put ysf under preassure and try to maybe more interact with girls as friends with no expectation

    • I don’t have high expectations but I’m even getting rejected by lower standards

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  • Date an old lady about to die
    Get money
    Money gets bitches

  • Should you stop because of what other people may or may not think? Nope, those people aren't the ones you're trying to get with anyway, if that's their attitude towards you.

    • Well it’s what I think I’m tired of being sad and frustrated

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