His Instagram behavior?

So to a guy this may literally be a non issue but I was curious. I’ve been seeing a guy for a little over a month, originally he would like every single selfie or post in general I made on Instagram. Especially selfies (not something I post all the time) ANYWAY, all of a sudden he stopped liking them, totally stopped but he’ll still like every single quote post I make. For a little while I wondered if he just lost interested and sort of just waited for him to ghost me... but he texts me still every single day and doesn’t appear to have lost interest. He’ll like other girls selfies, like frequently. Just not mine. Dunno’. He follows a lot of people so I wasn’t sure if my pictures even really show up on his feed but like I said, he sees and likes every quote image so it feels like he’s purposely avoiding my fricken face. So with that being said, what would be the reason you as guys avoid a girl you’re currently seeing selfies but have zero issue liking non-face related crud. Because it feels on purpose. How’s that for first world issue? Haha


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  • Can i add you on insta?


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