I need advice on this really cute guy!!! Please help?

Okay so there's this guy who I have mutual friends with and only barely know him. He's really cute and seems super nice. I've never had any classes with him and don't know if I will but I do ride the bus with him every morning and sometimes sit with him. I don't talk to him really but really wish we did. I don't know how to progress things, he seems like he may be interested in me, I have his Instagram but don't follow him, and I have an opportunity to talk to him every day. OH and by the way he's supposedly a good cook (that's always a plus)!!! What would you do in this situation?


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  • Talk to him about food! (Cooking in particular) Men love food and women. Cheesecake is a good place to start.

    • Thanks!! Okay how would you start a conversation about it though. Ahh I sound so clueless

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    • Yup, I'm familiar with the cheesecake factory! Thank you so much!

    • No problem as I always say, "Cheesecake is the answer".

      Good luck!

  • Approach him. Ask for some help first. Compliment him. &Then keep going

  • Open your mouth and talk to him.


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