What is your ideal partner? Personality, features, qualities etc?

I always thought about this. I have a kind of weird type. Someone who looks cold in appearance very sharp, but is very sweet in reality and totally opposite from what people expect. I don't know I find those types of personalities very sexy.
Tall, at least 6 feet lol
I’m very bubbly and cheerful ☺️🤪😋 lol so someone who is calm and chill is always needed for me.
Kindness, loyalty, trust, honesty and respect is my major focus.


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  • I want a rich woman that is not overweight and more on the slim side. Short , tall , doesn't matter. White, black, Latino, Asian , doesn't matter.

    Kind and energetic is ideal. Outwardly innocent but a freak in the sheets. Not afraid to tell me what she wants and how she wants it.

    • That’s great seems like you have it all laid out 👍🏼👍🏼

    • Yah I could die happy. 😉

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  • My dream girl would be cute, bubbly, affectionate, smart and adventurous. She'd love to be around me and I'd love to be around her. We'd both help each other to grow, come out of our shells and become better people.

    Looks-wise I don't really mind as long as she's not overweight.

    • Overweight, what’s overweight to you, if you don’t mind me asking?

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    • So Ashley graham would be fine, but not a rebel Wilson right?

    • Yeah pretty much hit the nail on the head there.

  • The reason you like the alpha male is because he makes you feel safe... Not many unfortunately care like us betas

    • Woah there love, who mentioned alpha males. I mean I don’t like to be dominated in anything unless it’s behind closed doors but that’s it.

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    • I loveeee men like that

    • Alpha men don't exist

  • Someone who loves Jesus. Liking country music and life is a big plus.

  • My ideal is someone very pretty who likes to be feminine, be pampered and take good care of herself and her appearance. I love a girl who takes pride in how she likes to dress, get her nails done and get manis and pedis and loves to go get couples massages, etc. Wants to travel and eat at nice restaurants. Or stay in and cuddle or have a lot of sex!


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