Not a good nor bad ending so how do I take it?

This guy seemed great! We hit it off and he initiated making plans to meet again during our first date. He told me that following week how work and personal issues were having him all messed up so meeting/texting was hard atm. Then we solidified those earlier plans two weeks later, but he bailed. Obviously I was annoyed by the intermittent responses yet not close with him enough to really know what was going on although we had been connecting for almost 2 months everyday at that point (due to his work schedule meeting up is hard so 2 dates hadn't been the issue). I thought the fact that he opened up about his issues to an extent said he goes into a shell when somethings bothering him was a good sign. I told him in my last message that it was nice getting to know him and that I wanted to end things on a positive note (since he bailed on our date w/o a response I thought it might be ghosting). He replied that it wasn't anything I did, but since he was having those personal problems he didn't think he could do this with me "at the moment". The next day he deactivated his profile. That was a few months ago and we're both back on the site. I know holding on to something barely there sounds crazy, but I thought we had a connection and it seemed he did too (at first at least). I was thinking I could swipe and see if we match. If he liked me first it'll say and if not he won't find out (I don't think he pays) so I can test the waters. I understand if he's not interested, don't get me wrong I definitely don't/can't push it. I worry though if he really was going through something tough and felt he ended things badly he would think I wouldn't be up for trying again. Thoughts? Similar experience?


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  • Yea there is nothing in trying...


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