Imagine this situation s thrown at you?

You see a random guy you like. He soon after approaches you and seems great. You like him and get his phone number. Later that day the universe calls you saying he has a small penis.

In all honesty what now?
  • Still text and get to know him
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  • Don't text or reply (because of penis size)
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  • Don't text or reply for other reasons
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  • You've already asked this question

    • I don't want to hear your shallow answers. Don't answer my question. Idiot.

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    • @Saccharissa What is he turned out not to care at all about his dick? Would you still get to know him?

    • Anything that goes from randomly meeting someone to "so hey, about my dick..." in a matter of hours is just nope. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. If he turned out to not care about his dick, he did a very poor job of communicating that fact, and I'd never find out, because nope. I couldn't care less about the size, but if that's something you bring up to someone you've just invited to start to get to know you, all I've got is nopes.

  • Still text and get to know him


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