What does a girl look for in a guy?

It's very confusing to understand a girl but actually what things does a girl look for in a guy?


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  • I personally don't worry too much on looks, honestly. Yes there is a need to be attracted to someone physically, but personality is wAy more important!! Boys who have a sense of humour, are kind, thoughtful, and independent (not so they're detached from people or the world, but just so that they don't depend solely on their parent (s) and/or significant other to do every single thing for them). A boy who has dreams and goals, no matter the size. Someone down to do random shit, like a weekend away or hanging out without a week planning in advance. A positive person (of course not 100% of the time), and also someone who can share their emotions/worries/problems/questions/etc. Boys who aren't afraid to show they're sensitive is always nice, especially because they're unfortunately made to feel like they can't do that. Just be yourself, and people will like you (:

    • Can u tell me maybe how to start a conversation with a girl you want to get to know like what is a good beginning

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    • Thank you 😊

    • Of course, no problem! :)

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