I wanna ask out a girl who cheated with me. What do I do?

So here's the short story,
My best friend, whos a girl, cheated on her boyfriend with me.
I've had feelings for her for a long time and she had feelings for me vise versa.
When we both revealed our feelings to each other we started doing sexual things together while she had a boyfriend.
In the end, ( the boyfriend never found out)
He broke up with her and she's super sad and i wanted to comfort her.
And I really wanna ask her out to be my girlfriend. So I waited a couple months for her to get over him and when I hinted that I wanna ask her out, she said she feels guilty and thinks it wouldn't work.
Look guys, I love her and I wanna be with her.
But she feels guilty if she were to be with me :(
What do I do
We've been best friends for 7 years and Its hard to ignore the fact that I love her, so if we did try to just be best friends again. Our feelings always come back.


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  • maybe it's better this way... all I have to say is: once a cheater, always a cheater. You think you're different but you're just another man. She will eventually hurt you. -my personal opinion: leave it, there are so many girls out there.


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  • What's to stop her from cheating on you though? That's the only hang-up I see. You love her and that's great and all, but starting a relationship with that seed of unfaithfulness being there, it could end in heartbreak, I'm afraid. You should tread carefully, you may not feel it now, but eventually, it'll hit that she already cheated once and you may end up forever being suspicious of her. However, if none of that matters to you, just give her time, if she really has feelings for you, she'll come around, don't try to push her though.


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  • Well you're a kind of guys who agree to be a crab farm, so what do you expect? The leet f.. ckers take women by force only for themselves. So the women kinda go crazy about that type.

  • Uhh - young man this will not bode well for you.

    Trust me, when I say that she will just cheat on you as well.

    Actually from the comments, trust all of us

  • You are just as mich of an asshole as she is. Karma is a bitch, you'll get cheated on too one day. I hope it will be painful.

  • That he didn't take further action does not mean he never found out. Go separate and be ashamed.


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