What would a woman look for in a guy?

I'm curious as to what girls are actually looking for now these days not like I'm out of touch but I'm honestly wondering what does a girl want most out of a relationship more then anything? What's your number 1 key point?


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  • Twitter is key. there's always women talking about what we want and some of it is very accurate. That guy has is gonna truly love and appreciate us for who we are and be honest and faithful. Us women are always talking about being under appreciated for sure.


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  • Weakness, sloth an sex of course. Joke! Not.

    You have to look remotely human to begin with. Not neccessarily brad pitt. But snapchat guy scored himself a victoria secret single mom.

    Women want your
    1. Money
    2. With that comes your STATUS (this is very important because women hold their image to such high regard. They want dignity so much. They want to look like they do not have to work for anything. Like they can die a beautiful death like princess diana.)
    3. Power.
    4. And then will she want your marraige so she can have control over you. Beacause whats yours is hers. Your money, STATUS, power is hers.

    * You can keep your attractive face because she already has that. Why would you want to fuck her to begin with?


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  • my number one key point is to be loved.


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  • Mall coins. Jaguar xk's. Rent money.

    • Shallow generation or a realistic one i can differentiate lol

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    • Such a sad existence all be it smart in a survival stand point but sad

    • True..

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