What should I tell him?

I love my boyfriend so much but I don’t wanna have sex with him at least now I don’t feel that I’m ready for something like that but he keeps telling me sexy things about me my body my hair and my lips when I meet him he holds my hands and I don’t have a problem with that but he takes them and put them on his inner thigh I feel that he wants to have sex with me but I don’t want to take this step now what should I tell him


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  • It depends on your definition of sex and what you do want to do. If sex is intercourse, then you have quite a few options. He may or may not be pushing for sex but a lot of the warm-up. From making out to heavy petting, you can both satisify each other. My girlfriend and I shared many orgasms together but she was still a virgin.

    • Yeah that what I really want.. i wanne stay Virgin and at the the same time I don’t wanna him feel that I dont love him enough

    • I was petrified to talk about anything that related to sex but she took the initiative and agressively took control which was wonderful. I personally never tried anything she didn't clearly want. If you are concerned, you should at least tell him where you intend to stop. If he isn't directly pressing for sex, it is more likely he'll honor your wishes.

    • Thank you for your advice 🙏 it’s really helpful

  • You should just get forward with him.. you need to tell him to be patient and do it when you're atmost comfortable

    • I’m gonna do this thanks 🙏

  • B honest tell him u not ready yet


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