Long distance relationship?

Hi! What do you think about long distance relationships? Specially girls. Have you been in one?


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  • I think it is pointless to start a relationship as long distance but if you guys have been together a while and it becomes temporarily long distance that's okay. My boyfriend and I had been together for 2.5 years and then we were long distance for 1 year and have been living with each other for 1.5 years. The year of long distance was really difficult and we talked about breaking up numerous times (but we didn't). Not worth if you aren't already in love with them.


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  • i am currently in one now. i am not going to lie. it is very difficult for me.

  • I've been in 2. It's a lot of effort so you shouldn't put yourself in one if u ain't commuted

  • Its a test of patience.

    • What do you mean?
      Can you elaborate please?

    • Its a test of how patient you are in waiting for the moment where you can finally physically be with each others arms. Also, it test how patient you can avoid temptations just for the sake of your true love

    • Hmm

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