Physical difference between 14 and 16-17 year olds? (girls)?

Hey, I'm sure that you're all aware of the fact that everyone develops differently, some develop faster and some slower (physically)..
Anyways, lately I've been wondering about how do guys assume/figure out girl's age? I mean you know, for instance if you'd see her in the mall or maybe in the park and you wouldn't know how old is she, but you just assume based on her face and body..
Tbh, I've always had a problem with grouping people into different age groups, especially with girls. :(
I can kind of figure out how old a guy is as long as he is under 14 haha, some 17 y/o look 22 and some 20 y/o look 16 :(
Can somebody please explain the physical difference?

I can see that f. e. 14 y/o and 16 y/o are different but i just can't put my finger on it?


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  • Height and breast size are easy starting points from a distance, then maturity level.


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