Is he being controlling or is this an over reaction on her part?

Ok so a close friend of mine is having trouble with her boyfriend and she asked me for advice.

Basically, they've been having issues, like today he was joking around saying he was going to another city but actually staying in the city they live in. She's gone home to family for Christmas, they haven't seen each other in over a week. He does this a lot when she's with family. She missed his phone call once cause she was busy with an essay and he got angry with her cause he thought she was accusing him off lying when she didn't get his notification that he called. That sort of thing. He's telling her that she's just paranoid jumping to conclusions but he' sends her a snap message that he's doing this thing, then send her a whatsapp message saying another. This has been going on for awhile. She does have anxiety which he know's. I think he does it cause he can , that he know's she'll come back to him regardless. She's very dependent on a guy. She has this turmoil in her head about threatening him, in case he lets her go. In previous relationships she's been the one to dump a person not the guy. I feel like this is a control thing
Is he being controlling or is this an over reaction on her part?
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