Have I been ghosted?

So I met a guy on tinder a few weeks ago, and the first date was amazing. We got along great, so great in fact that I actually slept with him. Not something I would usually do on a first date, but I could not resist. I was nervous this would put him off, but he text the next day and we met again a few days later. The date was equally great, but we stayed off the alcohol so there was only playful touching and hand holding this time. He continued to text, great texts and asked me out again. We had another great date, and this time the conversation went much deeper and we shared our feelings more. He is introverted and shy, and I could tell he was quite nervous when he admitted that he liked me. I spent the night with him again, this time staying over. We were up pretty much up all night and had a great time. The next morning was slightly awkward, but we were both rushing to get to work. We texted over the next few days, great, fun, flirty texts and then all of a sudden it stopped.

Now I have been ghosted before, and I am no fool when it comes to these things. Usually I can see it coming, I can feel it, and when it happens I'm hurt but not surprised. I usually just delete the guys number and NEXT. However, this is different. I felt a real connection with this guy, even just after date 1. It has now been 4 days. At first I thought he was just busy with Christmas, now I am pretty sure he is ghosting me. So my question is, do you think I am allowed to calmly call him out on it? I feel like ghosting is garbage behaviour and if we don't call people out on it, the cycle will continue! Or am I being "crazy"?
Have I been ghosted?
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