What are your thoughts on dating other women, when you aren't "exclusive" yet?

Been "talking" to an ex of mine for a few months. She lives in another city about 4 hours away where I went to college. Neither of us really want to move as our families are in our home cities. Though we have been dating again to "see how things go".

We haven't talked about being boyfriend an girlfriend really, although we do talk about the future here and there, it is more of a, if this all works out type of things. She introduces me as her friend, and hasn't asked about us being exclusive or really pushed for it at all.

That all being said. We have been talking for a few months, I've visited her about 3-4 times, and she has come to my town once since we have been talking again. She is younger than me, has 2 jobs, and is in grad school so it's understandable that she can't make it as much... but...

We used to text all the time, but it has drastically decreased since the Christmas holiday. She also doesn't seem to be calling me babe and things like that as much anymore. When we do text it is short and if I'm being honest it feels like she is losing interest in this, and I might be as well.

Anyway, there is a woman that I was seeing before we started dating. She was hot as hell, but personality was lacking. We just didn't click as much, but her body... god damn! Anyway, she is in a similar situation to me, not really being single, but still kind of single. And I contacted her to "hang out" again. And she agreed. She said she's not really sure if she is single again but would be down to hang out.

Is it wrongs for me to sleep with this other girl? Sex with her was amazing for both of us which is why I'm guessing she is interested still. I'm not exclusive, the girl I'm talking to hasn't texted me in probably a week, and is showing signs of losing interest. And I'm doubting that I will ever move to be with her. Am I good? Do I have to tell her? Or am I free to do as I wish here? What do you ladies and men think?
What are your thoughts on dating other women, when you aren't "exclusive" yet?
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