Dating an emotionally unavailable man? Or is it just me?

So I met this guy about 9 months ago and things started out great we were talking everyday and really connecting. After awhile things kinda started to simmer down and we would still talk a lot just not as much but everytime I would ask him to hangout he would be busy or have an excuse, we would also go from talking often to not talking for weeks or I would text him and he would seem kinda dry So I would stop and give him space until he would come back like nothing happened. So about a couple of months in we finally hung out when he randomly called me and it was great! But again right after that he went kinda dry and he was "busy with work stuff" until next time we went on a month hiatus which is the longest time he's every "needed space".. until again he asked me to hangout randomly and I accepted and it was great but now of course he's going dry... At the beginning this bothered me and I would try to reach out but after awhile I let things go his way and don't reach out until he does.. he has told me that he has had some issues with his mother and doesn't mention her much but part of me is like is this guy playing a game with me? or is he just trying to keep unemotionally attached in relationships?
Dating an emotionally unavailable man? Or is it just me?
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