Is 'nice guy syndrome' a real thing?

I have seen and read many instances of someone being helpful or caring too much being an 'beta male' and they say those guys usually get friendzoned.
So is it real or not?
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  • Women I have spoken to say that if you help to much, there to much or never contradict a woman that you are to needy and somewhat despised as a tool to be used (friendzoned) which by the way is very different from being an actual friend. That's the nice guy syndrome or otherwise known as "door mat".


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  • I think some women/girls who have problems of their own unfortunately make bad decisions about the guys they choose to get involved with, or stay with after those guys end up beating them up or something. But I don't buy into the self-pity of those guys who think that being a decent human being means they can't ever get a girlfriend because all girls only want assholes.

  • It is a thing, trust me.

  • Iā€™m a nice guy šŸ˜Š


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