Would you, or not?

Lets say your in love, to a great loyal, caring and attractive guy. You even potentially talk about one day marrying him and having kids together.

Which one? am asking because marriage is a big risk for men. I want to see if girls are on the same wavelength as me.
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  • I didn't really get what you were asking or the answers. But id love to marry a man like that. I'm not a douche so there's no risk to marry me. Also, I PLAN to have a prenup, or we aren't getting married.

    • People are so misinformed. Prenup don't usually work. Most courts reject them as being unfair/biased. Why do you want a prenup so bad, are you a high earner?

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    • You didn't hear me properly. Prenups don't work, because it is like creating another legal system that doesn't abide by family courts.
      I come from a very wealthy family. The only way to protect money is to create trust funds.

    • You don't need a guys money, but trust me. You will in a divorce, things get very ugly.

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