100 to 0 real quick?

Ok so i matched with a girl on tinder. Then i added her Snapchat and we began talking quite a lot. For about a week we were talking back and forward, non-stop. Then suddenly she just started ignoring all of my snapchats, messages etc. She isn't even opening them. From the start she made it clear that she was attracted to me, but because of my social anxiety i didn't exactly 'spell it out' for her. I kind of just assumed she knew i was attracted to her since we matched on tinder.
What do i do to keep it going? I really like her and it breaks my heart that she just up and left when we were just starting to get somewhere with it.


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  • That totally looks like a case of 'you didn't pull the trigger when the time came and now you completely lost your chance, she now lost any interest that she may had before and moved on'


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  • She found someone better. Welcome to online dating.

    • She hasn't been with anyone else. I know all of her friends and people she talks to so i would know if she found anyone else.

    • dude... That's deep

  • Well, you've been ghosted. She's either a sadist or she's found a better guy.

  • When was the last time you spoken to her? Leave her.


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