Is this typical guy behavior?

I was shy growing up. Guys didn't ask me out. I only had blind dates. Recently (I'm 35), I've felt like I should try. I've been online dating. Growing up, my experience shook my confidence. Now I've got guys asking me out online a lot, telling me I'm beautiful. Guys never told me that, so it's hard for me to believe. The dates I've been on with online guys have been interesting. One guy and I went out. He texted me for a couple of days after like friends would. I didn't hear from him for 2 months, then got a text asking me out, saying he hadn't been using the site but he'd like to go out again. He remembered thinking I was very cute. Another guy and I live in the same town. We texted for months, without meeting. Months later he recognized me and introduced himself. After that he texted saying he'd been busy and that's why I hadn't heard from him. He asked me out. The last guy I met was from a nearby state, but came to visit family. We flirted online, but hadn't met. He stopped and met me briefly on his way to family. I could tell he recognized me as soon as he saw me. The grin on his face was huge. We talked for 5 minutes. He hugged me tightly. He texted me hours later that I was even prettier in person. He told me he thought my best feature was my smile (surprising me because it's crooked). We went out, resulting in a make out session. I was scared because I'd never been kissed before. But he smiled after every time we kissed. I wonder, is this typical guy behavior? Inexperience and being used to having guys not asking me out has messed with me. Guys, do you tell girls online they're beautiful, if you're not attracted to them? Why do I have a guy telling me I'm cute 2 months after going out with him and asking me out (he's religious like me, I don't think it's sex)? Why did a guy ask me out after running into me, though I hadn't heard from him? I've felt like guys didn't find me attractive, but now I don't know. Do I just attract strange guys? What do you think?
Well, I've attracted another one. Guy had messaged me months ago on the dating app, stopped. And now he's messaged me on Facebook. None of them know I'm experienced, I haven't told them. The one thing that they all have in common is that their divorced men. Not sure if that means anything. Any what would attract strange guys to me like this?


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  • I know you want someone by your side but you must be careful. For example (guy in the picture) there are guys who just dont care about anything they just want to fuck. And blind dating could lead to a very bad ending. If you trying to find your lover online be carefull. If his first messages are how beutiful you are and how he would like to marry you just igone you. There is no man on yeart that could instantly tell that he will love this girl till he dies. Especialy in online dating i recomend chatting for at least a month before you meet up. You have to get to know a man because you can't trust noone on the net. So be careful and good luck🤗

    • Thanks for the warning. I'm as careful as I can be. I always meet them in public places and have my own transportation. I tell my friends/family who I'm meeting and when and where.

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  • Beauty is subjective to the individuals perception. So some comments probably are honest. On the other hand, in the online dating world, guys are more competitive to stand out, this is due to how many more males there are than females on dating sites, so females can afford to be more picky.

    • Hmm. I don't know for sure if there's more men on the app I use. It's specific to my religion, and that means there are probably more women on it than men. But, I still think a lot of their comments on my beauty are probably insincere.

    • To be honest. I don't think much on my looks, but my partner sees me the way she does. I think she's blind. Lol

  • I think when you were younger and not that confident noone wanted drama, and now that you're confident they want you.

  • I would only tell you that you were beautiful if I genuinely thought so. These guys may just be looking for an easy lay.

    • I suppose that's possible. However, I would hope not, the app I use is not Tinder. It's an app specific to my religion, and premarital sex is a huge no no.

    • Maybe they are in fact being nice but hey that is the first step in being acquainted. Keep on engaging with them. Worst scenario you are meeting predators that are taking advantage of the app.

  • You met some weird guys

    • Thank you. What do more "normal" guys act like, since I apparently haven't found one yet?

    • More respectful

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