Is he a shy guy?

So we went on our second date, and we were waiting in line and we kinda just were quiet lol. We didn't really get talking till we sat down, it was kinda awkward. But then we sat down and he was fidgeting with the stuff kept moving his cup. Then he would make eye contact with me, then he would shift them away. But he was talking to me fine, he kinda cussed a little. was he nervous? He was smiling a lot too, I was trying to tell good jokes lol. I don't know, does he like me? We have another date soon, I like him!


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  • Sounds like he was just shy. He obviously lijes you. Date NUMBER 3!

    I wish you and him the best of luck for the new year 😊

    • Thank you so so much! I like him :)

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    • That's a great sign. Although, don't stare too much. Try not to intimidate this guy! He seems timid enough already 😂😂

      You've got Valentine's day coming up too. As long as you stay together. It could be a special day. So just take it easy and enjoy spending time with him.

      Just give him a chance. The shy guys are often the best guys. Good luck!

    • Lol, true true!

      Oh yes, for sure. :) He's a hard worker I admire that about him. It seemed like he couldn't really sit still, so I could tell he was definitely nervous.
      Oh my god for sure, I wanted a shy guy :) I am a little shy myself, but I tried to remain calm lol

  • Yep, he seems to be a bit shy and he was a bit nervous as you said, but I would bet that he likes you 👍

  • Lmao he just has a massive crush on you but is too shy to say it because he doesn't know how you feel and he doesn't want to make you sad or get rejected

    • That's so cute, lol. :) I told him I liked him.

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    • ** :)

    • No wayy that's awesome i'm so happy for you! Best of luck with him:)

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