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So this guy dated a girl when he was 18 for two and a half years. She gets pregnant, she gets an abortion and they split. A year later, he finds a new girl and they date for almost two years before they break up. He then meets a third girl, who he dates for six months. They break up, and he sleeps with the first ex girlfriend from when he was 18 because he thought he had feelings for her. He then tells her after their sex, not to tell the girl he just broke up with.

if he wanted to get back with his girlfriend from when he was 18, do you think he would have still told her not to tell his most recent ex that they hooked up?


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  • He was thinking that the first ex had still feelings for him and could get sex from her and then tell her to keep it a secret, so that he can have sex with her and the new girlfriend, with neither realizing that they are being played

    • He only slept with the old ex girlfriend once though

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    • So he broke up with you had sex with an ex

    • And told her to not tell you so you don't hold it against him when he tried to get back at you

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  • No.. he doesn't want her.. he was rebounding


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  • Watch south park, the answer is within.

  • Seems like he can't stick to one girl


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