Is it okay to date more than one person?

So I'm very young and I've actually never been in a relationship before, I get lot's of offers but it's very hard to choose from a wide range of guys, I'm not looking for anything serious I just want to have fun, I mean your only young once but I don't want to hurt anyone at the same time, and I was thinking of dating more than one guy and seeing which one I like most but I don't want to be labelled a slut I just want to try my options before I become committed to someone, I don't want to date on guy and somewhere down the line I regret it but the other guy I like is no longer available. Of course in the long term If I really liked one of them I'd only date them and be faithful and committed to them only, I don't cheat but it's kinda like "try before you buy" if you get what I mean but I don't know if that's considered a bad thing to do or not.
Is it okay to date more than one person?
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