What to say when you "roll up" on a girl?

Just asking for myself and i bet a bunch of other guys, what do girls like to hear when a guy comes up to talk to you while introducing himself


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  • Hello, I found you Interesting. Would you give my your number?

    If I'm interested, I will give it. If I'm not, I will give a fake number. That way you don't waste my time.

    Later, if you find out the number is right, you send a message reminding who you are. You then ask basic things about her life and give information about yours back.

    When you considere she knows you enough and you know her enough and still like her, you then ask her out.

    • won't they find it weird if i just walk up to them telling then i found them interesting?

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    • But there really isn't any other way of finding out or not, because sometimes they don't even noticed you, but if they had, they would have been interested. That is why you have to make the notice you.

    • Ohh okay yea that does make sense, i appreciate the reply! :) i will be trying it out! Just all my relationships started off with me hanging out with a friend then her friend would come along think i was cute then we would start talking! Thanks again!

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